La scaletta
Giro del tempo – 24/12/2017
VERA LYNN–Someone’s rocking my dreamboat DANIEL BOONE–Beautiful sunday WILLIE NILE–Love minus zero-No limit TEDDY THOMPSON–In my arms BETTY EVERETT–Getting mighty crowded ALISON KRAUSS–Windy City ROBERT PLANT e ALISON KRAUSS–Please read the letter WHITNEY ROSE–Bluebonnets for my baby WAYNE COCHRAN–Circles BAMBI MOLESTERS–Baia SPOON–Back to the life
La scaletta
Giro del tempo by night – 27/12/20117
PETER E GORDON–To show I love you DIONNE WARWICK–Walk on by TOMMY ROE–Jam up and jelly tight THE TROGGS–Give it to me THE HOLLIES–I can’t let go THE TRUTH–Jingle Jangle THE SHADOWS–Shazam BOBBY DARIN–If I were a carpenter LOS BRAVOS–Bring a little lovin’ MAMAS AND PAPAS–Dancing in the street DAVE DEE,DOZY,BEAKY MICH AND TICH–You make […]
La scaletta
Giro del tempo by night – 20/12/2017
BRYAN FERRY–That’s how strong my love is BOB SEGER–Busload of faith GRAYSON CAPPS–Scarlet roses JAMES MADDOCK–What elephants knows THE SMITHEREENS–Miles from nowhere PEANUTS WILSON-Cast iron man ALI HASSAN–Malaguena TAMIKREST–Outamacheck CATHERINE FEENY–I’m on fire THE DIAMONDS–Words of love ALAN VEGA–Wipeout beat
La scaletta
Giro del tempo by night – 13/12 2017
THE TREMELOES–Let your hair hang down SANFORD CLARK–It’s nothing to me NANCY SINATRA–Run for your file BARBARA LYNN–He ain’t gonna do right THE CHANTAYS–Last night THE HOLLIES–If I need someone FREDDIE AND THE DREAMERS–Do the Freddie IKE e TINA TURNER–Hold on baby
La scaletta
Giro del tempo – 08/12/2017
THE BEATLES–Please Mr.Postman THE KESTRELS–In the chapel in the moonlight SINEAD O’CONNOR–Very far from home ROGER MG GUINN–King of the hill NICK HEYWARD–Baby blue sky MAVIS STAPLES–Build a bridge LITTLE STEVEN–Men without a women KONG LING–La paloma twist KEN DODD–So deep is the night JOHNNY HALLYDAY–Retiens la nuit BILLY BRAGG–Saffiah smiles TY SEGALL–Break a guitar […]
La scaletta
Giro del tempo by night – 06/12/2017
JOHNNY HALLIDAY–Noir ce noir NICK LOWE–The rose of England THE BULLETS–Coyote on the prowl LCD SOUNDSYSTEM–Oh baby THE SWAN SILVERTONES–Oh Mary don’t you weep THE WAR ON DRUGS–Pain BADFINGER–Day after day WAYNE COCHRAN–Circles ROY ORBISON–Walk on JULIA JACKLIN–Cold caller WILD BILLY CHILDISH–Joe Strummer’s grave
Little Steven a Radio Popolare
Steven Van Zandt è venuto a trovarci negli studi di Radio Popolare. Di passaggio a Milano con il tour della sua band, i Disciples of Soul, ci ha parlato del suo ultimo disco "Soulfire", della sua carriera solista, dei suoi progetti passati e futuri e di molto altro
La scaletta
Giro del tempo by night – 29/11/2017
DAVE DAVIES–Death of clown MARTON MARKAS–Give it to me now CLINT MILLER–Bertha Lou RAGAZZI DEL SOLE–Chi puo’ dirmi THE DRIFTERS–Up on the roof TY SEGALL–Break a  guitar ROBERT PLANT–Bluebirds over the mountain THE ROLLING STONES–The lantern GIANNI MASCOLO & SWEET EXPLOSION–Sorry
La scaletta
Giro del tempo by night – 22/11/2017
ELTON JOHN–Levon SHARON JONES e DAP-KINGS–Matter of time THE WHO–Waspman GLADYS KNIGHT e The PIPS–You need love like I do ROLLING STONES–Sweet black angel BEACH BOYS–Never learn not to love FILTHY FRIENDS–The arrival DAVE DEE,DOZY,BEAKY,MICH and TICH–Youmake it move THE BYRDS–She don’t care about time THE EASYBEATS–Made my bed:gonna lie in it OTIS REDDING–Keep your […]
La scaletta
Giro del tempo by night – 15/11/2017
MAVIS STAPLES–Build a bridge CALEXICO–End of the world with you YOUNG RASCALS–I ain’t gonna eat out my heart anymore GINA SICILIA–I’ll stand up SKEETER DAVIS–Sunglasses TRACEY ULLMAN–Sunglasses LOLITA POP–Tarzan on a red big scooter FIRST AID KIT–Emmylou SWEET–Fever of love CLUSTER–Dam wanderer
La scaletta
Giro del tempo by night – 08/11/2017
OFFA REX–The old churchyard FIRST AID KIT–It’s a shame THE WILD ONES–Wild thing EVIE SANDS–I can’t let go BOB DYLAN–Beyond the horizon P.P.ARNOLD–The time has come THE WAR–Me and baby brother PLAIN 9–Keep your cool THE CHILLS–Singing in my sleep EDWIN STARR–My weakness is you
La scaletta
Giro del tempo – 01/11/2017
FATS DOMINO–Alive and Kickin’ NATURAL CHILD–Juanita BOBBY DARIN–Mack the knife BE MY BABY–Sandy Denny CHUCK BERRY–Big boys TOM PETTY–Learning to fly AMADOU E MARIAM–Bofou Safou THE CHILLS–Singing in my sleep SERGIO ENDRIGO–Viva Maddalena ALBERT KING–Cold Women with cold hearts OFFAREX–The old churchyard JOHN BARRY SEVEN–Beat girl JOHNNY AND THE HURRICANES–James Bond Theme CHIRS HILLMAN–Here she […]
La scaletta
Rokkaforte – 28/10/2017
FATS DOMINO–Ida Jane CAT STEVENS–Another saturday night ALBERT KING–Cold women cold hearts TRAGICALLY HIP–Pigeon camera THE WAR ON DRUGS–In chains THE SUPREMES–Stop in the name of love DAN AUERBACH–King of a horse town THE PRETENDERS–One more day STEVE MILLER BAND–I can’t get enough of it JAYHAWKS–Quiet corners and empty spaces WOVENHAND–Golden blossoms JOHNNY HORTON–Cherockee boogie […]
La scaletta
Giro del tempo by night – 25/10/2017
FATS DOMINO–There comes my heart again LITTLE RICHARD–Whole lotta shakin’ goin on TOMMY RIDGELY–Heavenly THE WHO–Daddy Rolling Stone THE ROLLING STONES–We love you MANFRED MANN MIKE HUG–Michelin theme BOBBY WILLIAMS–I’ve only myself to blame
La scaletta
Giro del tempo by night – 18/10/2017
DREAM SYNDICATE–How did I find myself here? THE KINKS–King Kong GIANTS IN THE TREES–Sasquatch CHAMPION JACK DUPREE–Barrehouse blues TWICE AS MUCH–Sittin’ on a fence AMADOU e MARIAM–Bofou Safou GARY U.S. BONDS–I dig the station THE NATIONAL–The system only dreams dreams
La scaletta
Jack – Giro del tempo 12/10/2017
RON GALLO–Young’re scaring me DRIVE BY TRUCKERS–Filthy and fried COURTNEY BARNETT e KURT VILE–Over everything WILD BILLY CHILDHISH–In the devil’s focus CHRIS HILLMAN–Here she comes again THE DREAM SYNDICATE–Filter me through you TOM PETTY–Depending on you THE SEARCHERS–It’s too late RONNIE SPECTOR–Don’t worry baby
La scaletta
Rokkaforte – 24/09/2017
SMALL FACES–Wham bam thank you man STEVE EARLE–Looking for a woman MUDHONEY–Good enough PAUL WELLER–Woo see mama HURO RACE–24 hours to nowhere MAVIS STAPLES e JEFF TWEEDY–You’re not alone ALYNDA LEE SEGARRA–Be my baby NADINE SHAH–Yes men WILLIE NILE–Love minus zero/No limit SONNY BURGESS–Tiger rose CHRIS HILLMAN–Here she comes again THE DREAM SYNDICATE–How did I […]
La scaletta
Giro del tempo – 24/09/2017
THE POGUES–Turkish song of the damned ROLLING STONES–Street fighting man NICK HEYWARD–Baby blue sky GIANTS IN THE TREES–Sasquatch AIMEE MANN–Goose snow cone ROY HARPER–Cloudcuckooland TONY BENNET-AMY WINEHOUSE–Body and soul WILSON PICKETT–Outskirt of town JOAN BAEZ–Be not too hard DONOVAN–There’s a mountain SIMON AND GARFUNKEL–Dangling conversation
La scaletta
Giro del tempo – 17/09/2017
MARGO PRICE–Hands of time ERNIE ISLEY e CARLOS SANTANA–I just wanna make love to you THE DREAM SYNDICATE–Filter me through you CANNED HEAT–Sugar bee SYLVIE VARTAN–Since you don’t care WHITNEY ROSE–Analog DONOVAN–Please don’t bend THE CYRCLE–Red rubber ball THE SEEKERS–Someday,one day  
La scaletta
Giro del tempo – 14/09/2017
RACHID TAHA–Kelma THE DREAM SYNDICATE–Filter me through you STEVE EARLE AND THE DUKES–Looking for a woman CHRIS HILLMAN–Here she comes again MITSI–Your best american girl DAVE ALVIN–Sonora’s death row THE WALKER BROTHERS–After the lights go out NICK LOWE–My heart hurts FILTHY FRIENDS–The arrival
La scaletta
Giro del tempo – 10/09/2017
LITTLE RICHARD–Freedom blues SMALL FACES–Aftergòow of your love CLIFF RICHARD–Stuck on you PAUL WELLER–Woo see’ mama PENGUIN CAFE’ ORCHESTRA–Cantorum SONNY BURGESS–Tiger rose THE HIDDEN TRIPLETS–Slowly HUGO RACE–The ballad of easy rider NADIA REID–I come home to you CHRIS HILLMAN–Here she comes again
bombino al carroponte
“La chitarra elettrica sembra un’invenzione touareg”
Il chitarrista e cantante Omara Moctar, in arte Bombino, sarà tra i protagonisti della festa-concerto di Radio Popolare All You Need Is Live, venerdì 8 settembre al Carroponte. E' uno degli esponenti di maggiore rilievo della musica moderna touareg. Lo abbiamo intervistato